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Read the Getting Started.. post in our message BOARD.
You should read the RULES and the commands for our RANKS.
Have an overview with the GMAP and check your player STATS.
Join the CHAT on IRC and win some nice prizes in the LOTTERY.
When you need some answers, you should take a look at the FAQ.
Find the latest NEWS of our server.
Please VOTE for us at Minestatus.
Check our Gallery for some shots.
Our YouTube, Twitter Channel! :-)
Take a look at our player TOP List.

Lottery "Win awesome prizes!"

HP-Lottery! Special gift for all IRC users.
Get on IRC and join our channel. MORE INFO

You can win one of those prizes:
One Diamond Block, One Gold Block, One Iron Block, A Cookie, A Cake, 1000 pxlz

We had the first winner on 01.01.1970 from a total of 1.
Here is a list of winners (IRC Nicknames).

Redeem your lottery code:


In-Game Player: (recipient)

IRC Commands:

!lottery rules (shows the lottery rules)
!lottery add (adds you to the database)
!lottery status (gives info about the members)
!lottery winners (shows all winners up to now)
!lottery help (this text here..)


1. You have to be a World Member.
2. You have to keep your nick.
3. Idle in our channel. Only users who stay, can win.
4. If you win, don't play again until your code is out of date.
5. Kick and ban for having clones.
6. World peace and freedom for everyone!
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